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There is nothing more luxurious for a guy than to order fabulously looking Ankara Russian girl to go to vacation with her. This girl, Eva, has been booked for 14 whole days by Victor, some big businessman who wanted to have exceptionally well-looking girl beside him on a resort on the Mediterranean Sea. The entire her plan before they were leaving was to have a visa to Italy where they were heading to and to go the specified time and location for a plane.

Once in Italian Naples, they ran to one of the finest resorts located in hand-reach closeness to the coastline. Seagulls were flying some hundred meters to their panoramic windows embracing sea from left to right. The breeze from the Mediterranean Sea was incredibly salty and the sun has already started to give suntan to her skin. Everything was even better than perfect and Eva was very happy that she flew on this vacation.

The biggest condition installed by him to Eva was that she must not wear underwear during their entire vacation, and no pants – only skirts. She was very fine with that and did not experience inconveniences because of that. She loved to be available for him, 24/7, when and where he would like to have sex with her, a Russian escort Ankara. The first time was almost immediately after they settled in their room and both took a shower. Actually, they started doing it in shower – when she was close to the completion of her washing, he entered her shower cabin and started caressing her. Kissing her in the plump lips, he moved his fingers and palms from firm breast to pretty and fit belly and lower than – to very round buttocks, gently squeezing them in his hands. As he took shower first, he smelled exceptionally good to her – as a confident man, a winner, brave and strong person who had scent yet of a fragrance of a towel that he used to wipe himself from the water. She completely gave into him letting him inside, feeling as he filled her with him; sturdiness of his Willie gave this Russian escort girl several waves of orgasm shortly after they started making love in the shower room. Her skin was sparkling with water drops and curvaceous forms were all shaking up and down from the movements he did, penetrating her…

The restaurant on the seashore was exceptional. They sat on a terrace eating their lobster and shrimps and the second bottle of scintillant champagne was coming to an end. The sea waves came on each other with a light roaring and soon she again was all his, fervently sucking his dick, doing blow job in the toilet cabin of this place standing on her knees. The flows of his semen in the mouth were tasty to her after all this delicious seafood and twinkling wine. When they got to a hotel room on a taxicab after their tasty and hot dinner was over, he asked her to suck him once again – they were sitting on a back seat of a cab and she gladly performed it for him. Victor was only catching the smiling interested glances of their driver that even slowed down a little so a girl could finish her business while the road to their hotel was not that long.

The next morning he woke up from the great feeling that a girl was pleasing him with her hand (doing massage) and a tongue with lips – lying on the snow-white bedclothes, waking up from a playful hand of a Russian escort in Ankara was the greatest thing for every man in a wonderful morning like this. As they have finished their breakfast in the room sitting on a balcony with stunning view on a sea, Victor fucked an Ankara Russian girl once again – he was really tireless on the sexual field, as it turned out. Her magnificent body was invigorating and exciting for him. That is why he wanted to have sex with her over and over. They did in probably three dozen times per entire vacation and a girl was rewarded with lavish money bonus in addition to what he had to receive, in the end as they flew back to Ankara.



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‘Go now’, a friend of Lesya, one of Ankara escort girls told her.

‘Go where?’ Lesya didn’t really get the call to action of her friend Anya, another Ankara escort WhatsApp, her comrade. They were living together in one rented apartment.

‘What? I told you in the past Thursday! Did you forget about it? Again?’

One of Ankara escort girls is in the forest and her sexual adventures with boyfriend begins

It was very warm summer. Escort Ankara girl named Veronica had a boyfriend and they planned to go for a picnic ride this Saturday. The temperature was around 100 degrees F, so after she took a shower, she decided to wear only a summer dress. No underneath clothing was required, she thought, as it was very warm. If you have ever been to South in the midst of summer, you know its high humidity and temperature, so her decision was precise. In the forest, where they wanted to go, the sun was expected all day long.

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